Andrea Cheney Consulting

I help purpose-driven organizations grow.


Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Marketing executive leadership on a part-time basis for a minimum of six months.

Marketing Consulting

Strategic marketing support for a specific project or challenge for a minimum of three months.

Marketing Advisory

Strategic marketing guidance, as needed, for a minimum of one year.

Marketing Workshops + Speaker

Virtual or in-person educational sessions, available on a range of topics.


CEO/CMO Alignment for Growth

A transformative half-day guided session designed to bridge the gap between CEOs or founders and their CMO or marketing leader. For organizations in any industry and of any size.


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Customer or Patient Experience Assessment

A comprehensive assessment and tailored recommendations to optimize the customer or patient experience.


Andrea Cheney is a marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience. She has built and led marketing organizations for healthcare startups and growth-stage organizations, as well as worked as a marketing executive within Fidelity’s Healthcare Group. Now, as a consultant, she helps early- and growth-stage purpose-driven organizations, across a range of industries, grow.


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